If you don't remember the password that you have been given at your registration or that you modified in MyProfile please follow these steps:

Go the website https://my.uitp.org

Click on ‘Don’t remember your password ?’

A new menu appears requesting to input your email address

Reset password

You should receive within minutes a mail with a link to update your password and the webpage opens like in point 3) waiting for you to give your login details

After opening the mail and clicking on the link that looks like this : https://uitpprod.eu.auth0.com/lo/reset?ticket=ZAbmrsf0v0Pk (this is an example)
You should be redirected to a new page to modify your password only
(NOTE : the page requesting your login/password is still open)

When you have changed your password, the image will change on the same webpage and will show.

You are all set, and can close this page and input your credentials in the page that was left open.

Note: For privacy reasons UITP does not have access to your credentials anymore and thus won't be able to send it to you by email.
Your username is from now on the email address your registered to MyUITP with.
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